Local SEO Citation Practices for Beginners.

Local SEO is crucial for Local Businesses and citation plays an influential role in Local Ranking. So make sure that you're running in the right direction.

Local SEO is crucial for Local Businesses and citation plays an influential role in Local Ranking. So make sure that you’re running in the right direction.

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Doing an authentic citation can help you in playing like a pro in Local SEO.

  • Customers will never get confused about your business.
  • The business will rank higher in Local Search.
  • Proximity search results depend on Citations.
  • The business will get more customers.
  • Performs as a reliable approach for editing citations in the event of rebranding.
  • Permanent Rid of Incorrect and duplicate information.
  • Control on how the business is representing across the web.

Most Important Step Of Citation in Local SEO.

N-A-P (Name-Address-Phone Number)

Ensure that each listing site should have the correct Name, Address and Phone Number information of your Local Business. It is for people who explore you on Google and can find you actually.

And if Google discovers flaws in your citations, then it’ll not rank your business.

So, NAP is the key to Citation and Citation is the key to Local SEO.

- Famepilot Internet Private Ltd.

Key Point to Remember-

  1. Accept the value of the Quality of citations over Volume of citations- You do not need to do too many citations over too many sites because Few citations on Vital Regional Listing sites can help moreover them.
  2. Keep a record of all Login details and Citations listing.
  • It’s really hard to claim back the access of listing after you lose their credentials.
  • You can update the citations of locations whenever is required.
  • You can also reply to the reviews of those listings.

After doing N-A-P these are the Important Elements of Citation which requires to be done:-

Try to keep all these elements complete and similar for all listings from time to time.

  1. Your Business category- Ensure that you have the best Business category and subcategory that matches to the products and services you have to offer. Because it helps Google Bots in deciding SERPs.
  2. Website Link- Your website link can help get the information you missed while doing listings.
  3. Hours of operation- Customer will know about when to visit your business.
  4. Questions & answers- Participating in Q & A can solve the doubts of your potential customers and Google.
  5. Longitude, Lattitude- Right Long-Lat information prevents your business from getting duplicate.
  6. Business description- A sound business description with efficient keywords act as a plus point in Local Search Rankings.
  7. Logos- Customers will start remembering your logo easily.
  8. Images- Real Place images acts as a bonus in citations. You Can Build Trust with images in your business listing. 
  9. Videos- Customers will easily get to know about what you provide with videos and visuals.
  10. Attributes- Provide extra services? Why not, get some credit of it by adding attributes in your listings.
  11. Reviews by Customers- Encourage your customers to do more and more reviews on your listings. Famepilot is the best review generating platform.
  12. Social Media Links- 85% of customer interactions with your business are now taking place on your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Zomato. Don’t forget to add your Social Media Links.
  13. Email details- How will customers contact you over email if you do not fill the email detail section in Listing Site. (People likes to contact over email before establishing trust)
  14. Alternative phone numbers- Well! Alternative phone numbers can help in not to miss any business opportunity.
  15. Owner Replies- Responding to customer feedback can help them in converting them as your brand advocates.

How Famepilot can help?

After doing the thorough research on local SEO and citations for years. Famepilot came up with various services and products for Beginners and Pro Marketers to ease the process of Local Seo and Local Search Engine Ranking. Mail us at- [email protected] for suggestions and queries.


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