Famepilot for Hoteliers

A platform to manage and boost the experience of your Guests.


Air Conditioning 74%
Washer 67%
Cable TV 54%
TV 42%
Shampoo 52%


Essentials 55%
Pool 79%
Doorman 53%
Parking 54%
Internet 61%


Chicken 55%
Slow Service 55%
Worst 64%
Good 75%
Expensive 55%
Industries - Famepilot Internet Private Ltd.

1st Party Reviews Generation

Ask Customers to review your service internally via SMS, Email & WhatsApp, and resolve his issues before he posts online.

3rd Party Reviews Generation

Send notifications to customers to recommend your restaurant across Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tripadvisor or any channel of choice automatically.

Save Time, Cost & Efforts By Social Monitoring.

Your time, cost and efforts are put in to provide best in class dining experience, not in social and review sites monitoring. Monitor real time reviews from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tripadvisor and all other review sites of all your locations in one place.

Real Time Review Alerts & Response Management.

Get alerted via SMS or Email for all the reviews in real time, & respond to customer's Google, Facebook, Twitter reviews from famepilot dashboard itself.

Industries - Famepilot Internet Private Ltd.
Industries - Famepilot Internet Private Ltd.

Online Survey

Measure Customer Experience in different parameters which matter to your business by sending beautiful Surveys to your customers via Email/SMS/WhatsApp.

Offline & Kiosk Survey

Ask your customers about their feedback immediately after service at your premise unattended via Tablet Or Kiosk Feedback. No Internet ? Sync Survey later when online.

Get Reviews on the sites where your Guests comes from.