Just Say The Word, Famepilot Can Do It All!

Powerful Features

Listings Management

We ensure your Business & correct details can be found everywhere. Manage listings in 20+ Search Engines, Social Media & Review Sites from a single place.

Locations Management

We help you manage all your business locations, franchise, stores from a single dashboard. This enables fast decision making for Owners, Marketing heads, VP.

Reviews Generation

Automatic or manually Send SMS / Email / WhatsApp requests to review the business as soon as customer consumes service with Constant Follow-up in preset frequency.

Contacts Management

Start maintaining your customers e-directory. Upload single or multiple contacts using CSV, Excel or POS/CRM API Integration. Auto Contact Segments creation using Machine Learning.

Multi-Site Monitoring

Famepilot monitors Google, Facebook, Twitter, and 20+ review sites for your business activities. We are increasing this list fast. You can suggest your industry specific site.

Campaigns Management

Famepilot comes with pre-built "Request Review" and "Promo" Email/SMS templates. You can create your own Email/SMS template and send any number of campaigns. Default Campaign is Request Review.

Responses Management

Reply to all your customers who posted reviews any where online from a single famepilot platform. Park comments for Employees to respond. Don't leave any customers unanswered.

Near Real Time Review Feed

You can see all ratings and reviews flowing to famepilot's single dashboard in timeline fashion. Manage your business review feed like facebook and twitter feed.

API Integration

If you are using a CRM/POS software for daily operations. No worries, we integrate with most of CRMs across industry, so you need not to upload contacts, and let famepilot work in autopilot.

Funnel For +Ve & -Ve Reviews

Anything less than 3 stars prompts the reviewer to a private form that can notify you, preventing negative public reviews! Any 4 or 5-star ratings are prompted to leave a review on the website of your choice!

Custom Users Alert

You can setup an email or SMS alert of your choice with filters like "send sms for 1 or 2 Star ratings", "send email for only Google and facebook reviews with less than 4 stars", "send sms for Zomato reviews" etc.

Competition Analysis

You can check the average ratings and sentiment analysis of your national, administrative or local competitors. This helps you take better decisions faster to boost your sales.

Sentiments Analysis Via ML

Words Cloud, Most Negative & Most Positive Sentiments across Sites, Regional Language Support using NLP and many other powerful analytics to achieve more via Famepilot.

Performance Report

Our reports dashboard offers high level and detailed reporting. We benchmark your Net Promoter Score over time so you can evaluate your improvement and customer service.

Auto Share On Social Media

Auto-share positive reviews (including images) to social media profiles of your brand. Showcase your latest and greatest reviews with your social audience and to your website.

White Label Solution

Famepilot gives full freedom to high volume re-sellers, Enterprise and Marketing Agencies to use it as White Label Solution. Your Agency will now have its very own automated ORM Platform.

Multi Level Dashboard

You can provide dashboard access to your team at the corporate, regional, district, or store level. Also can customize the locations access of your team to particular locations.

Stores Leaderboard

Make an healthy competition between multi-location stores and in-store employees to perform better everyday by enabling their performance on Leader-board.

Premium Features

In-Store Facial Recognition

Welcome to Retail 2020. Customer visits your store, gets auto-facial recognized by AI algorithms, helping him throughout his stay using bot/beacons, auto-payment etc. Custom built solution for Enterprises.

Audio & Video Reviews

Start collecting feedback via Video and Audio modes. Famepilot Video Emotions Analytics & Audio Speech to text Technology auto-extracts the right insights for your Business.

QR Based Review Invites

Order printed review invites for low-tech, smart offline campaigns from famepilot. You can also get QR based Review desk holders and posters or lots of stuff for each outlet.

We Have Great Answers

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Every feature on Famepilot is crafted with patience and experience in order to provide best to the businesses.

Nope! Every Review Platform targets a particular region. Famepilot helps in choosing best review platform for your business.

Definitely. Reviews play a vital role in improving SEO.

We have significant various case studies on how we helped various businesses in increasing there revenue.

Not at all, Offline feedback have it’s own importance. Famepilot provides a separate section on dashboard in order to boost and manage offline reviews and surveys.

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