Inconsistent NAP information is a new Brand Vulnerability!

With the advancement of technology, New routes to earn starts seeming.

Businesses started getting more customers with GMB, Local SEO and Other Local Listings Optimization. 

Many Brands tried their luck with Online market places and through their websites and applications. Some of them became brand leaders in their field.

But there is always another side of the coin, which is dark sometimes.

Hackers or Scammers continuously looking for new vulnerabilities to cheat the customers of such businesses.

Newest vulnerability occurred in the recent time is NAP Inconsistency.

To know about NAP Inconsistency, we must be able to understand that what’s NAP? and how it’s related to your business?

What’s a NAP?


How it’s related to your business?

It’s one of the important Local SEO Citation Practice which helps in managing the correct information on all the local listing sites for one or more locations of your business.

Every Business, which is getting customers from online must have to optimize NAP information from time to time.

NAP Inconsistency (Inconsistent NAP information available on the web )

  • How does it work?
  • Customers get email and messages in the name of their loyal brand with some offers or voucher links. And when customers click on them. It redirects them to a website which looks similar to their Loyal Brand. And by Phishing, Hackers steal their credentials or payment info.

  • How it affects your Business Reputation?
    • Every single day, thousands of customers got cheated online in the name of their loyal brand.
    • When words of mouth spread about such frauds. Potential customers hesitate to shop with you.
    • Someone cheated your customer in the name of your brand.
    • Customers loyalty gets hurt.

- Famepilot Internet Private Ltd.

  • How to rectify it?
    • Optimize your NAP information. (Manage it time to time)
    • Make sure your all businesses locations only have the name of your brand.
    • Keep tracking on all the contact information of all Local Listing.
    • Also, keep an eye on the brands that sound similar to your brands and make sure they are not getting customers in the name of your brand.
    • Run Indirect NAP Awareness campaigns for your customers.

Summary:- There was a time when competitors used to steal the similar names of a Popular Brand and start selling their products on the name of that Brand (like- Ram Chaat Bhandar, Real Ram Chaat Bhandar, Asli Ram Chaat Bhandar). And in the Online Era, the same trick is arising. We can’t step back from going online So, we should take the precautions time to time that can help in maintaining the brand and customers loyalty.

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