Reviews Management

Get customer reviews from 20+ Industry-leading review sites to acquire and retain more customers, and ensure loyalty.

Review Monitoring

Monitor all your reviews in one platform.

Monitor your reviews with powerful filters for locations, ratings, sources, and sentiment wise so you can quickly locate the reviews you’re looking for.

Famepilot's Review Monitoring
Famepilot's Reply Management

Reply Management

Respond to reviews to tell customers that you care for them.

Take charge of your Brand Reputation and resolve customer concerns by reply to all your reviews from one platform.

Review Generation

Get more local reviews on the sites to boost local ranking.

Generating new reviews has never been easier. Famepilot sends a review request to customers to share their feedback on Industry-Leading Review Sites.

Famepilot's Review Generation
Competitor Analysis in Famepilot Platform

Competition Analysis

Understand your competitor reputation through customer feedback.

Get a vital business advantage with actionable insights to learn what their promoters like about their business.

Deep Insights

Leverage our exclusive NLP engine to measure what's working, what's not, and where.

Dig in words and phrases that are mentioned throughout feedback and reviews to understand the sentiments expressed in feedback.

Famepilot's Deep Insights
Service Ticketing in Famepilot

Service Ticketing

Turn Customer Feedback into Service Tickets.

Solve issues before they heighten. Address customer issues proactively and Assign each ticket to a particular employee and receive automatic alerts.