How to manage Review for Teachers?

Due to educational advancement. Education system became a competitive arena of knowledge and skills.

Every education institution wants their teaching faculty should be highly eligible and well equipped to give quality education to students as per the current scenario. So at the end of the year, Schools and education institutions organize a general evaluation of the teacher based on various factors.

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Need for review for teachers and general valuation:

  • To decide on contractual teachers.
  • To evaluate Parents of students and teacher communication.
  • To evaluate the Quality of Education provided by teachers.
  • To check the sentiments of students against the teacher.
  • To maintain transparency between teachers and administration.
  • To decisive on the appraisal.
  • To predict students scoring in upcoming exams.
  • To bring improvements in Institution policies.
  • To compare desired and actual results.
- Famepilot Internet Private Ltd.

Ways to check ratings and review for teachers?

  • Online Complaint & Review Sites:-There are various review sites and feedback channels which can be used to collect reviews for teachers. Students and Parents post review or complaint on such channels. Most of the well-known channels for submitting and collecting review and complaints in the education system are:-
  2. Ratemyteachers
  3.  Koofers
  4. Uloop
  6. Google My Business
  • Self-Assessment by the administration:- Administration uses data like students passing score, Absenteeism of students, Number of Leaves used by the teacher etc. to assess a teacher.
  • Feedback forms and rating cards:- Most of the institutions still uses feedback forms and rating cards to evaluate the performance of teachers to make necessary decisions. Students and parents are asked to give a review for the teacher at the end of the course duration.

Mostly Institutions believes only in Self-Assessment of teachers because it’s an easy method to do the evaluation and unawareness of other methods.

How to collect insights from teacher reviews?

It’s quite difficult to manually collect all the reviews and ratings from various review channels and get insights from it. Famepilot provides a complete solution by providing an automated review management platform where you can

  • Collect all the reviews of Students, Parents and Teachers.
  • Reply on reviews of various channels from a single dashboard.
  • Analyze and share the review data.
  • Can make a review request to students, teachers and parents.

If we talk about rating cards and self-assessment strategy, then Famepilot also provides the faculty to upload those review in the offline section and a user can get insights from it to make the necessary decision.

“Famepilot believes that the future development of any nation is in the hands of teachers and no platform can do the perfect assessment of teachers by providing reviews. But, It’s also very important to get the insights of teachers and students for the enhancement of the education system and society.”


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