How to deal with Google My Business fake reviews?

Google says that they have an automated process to detect the review on Google my Business is according to their Google Maps User Contributed Content Policy or not.

But as many times it is being searched on Google that-”can google be wrong?”

Multiple results come with facts and proof, questioning on Google Algorithms and Predictions.

So, Google provided an additional option of “flagging” for bad reviews or reviews that you think is inappropriate.

How a fake google review impact your Business?

  1. Affect ratings– It’s a game of ratings. 55% of Consumers purchase products after checking your ratings on various review sites. The formula of average rating is =Total Number of Stars/Total number of reviews.
  2. Affect listings– Google lists every business under a business category. So, if the bunch of fake reviews is telling a barbershop as ice cream parlour, then it’ll mess up important things.
  3. Affect Potential Customers- Negative reviews repel your potential customers and provide benefits to Competitors.

What can you do for a fake google review?

 Let’s accept it first that it’s very hard to remove a google review.

While sometimes it becomes necessary to get fake google reviews to remove because lots of businesses are dependent on local search and bad reviews affect them hardly. If you are facing fake reviews attack, try the following ways:-

  • Respond- Respond to those fake reviews politely and try to tell them that you have no record of them as your client. And ask them to “remove the review if they have mistaken you with someone else”
  • Flag them from Dashboard- Flag the fake reviews from your Google My Business Dashboard.
  • Ask others to flag- Google users can also flag from the reviews section on any review.
  • Get help from Google Community- Google has its own community of volunteers who are open to help and discuss topics related to Google My Business. 
  • Contact Google Business agent- Google has agents to help you with issues related to Google My Business. Call them 1-844-491-9665.

Need more help?

Contact Famepilot.


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