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How to Map Swiggy Restaurant Id against Location?

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Every Restaurant that works with Swiggy has its own Swiggy Id. Swiggy Id’s helps in mapping the restaurant orders, reviews and various other things. Famepilot allows you to directly add that Swiggy Restaurant Id within the dashboard against that location. So, That you can map the Swiggy reviews correctly for each location.

Open you Famepilot Dashboard

- Famepilot Internet Private Ltd.

Go to and add email address and password.

Click on Branch Setup

- Famepilot Internet Private Ltd.

Click on branch setup in the top left corner of the dashboard.

Select Location from Top Right

- Famepilot Internet Private Ltd.

Select the location for which you adding the Swiggy Id.

Add Swiggy Id and Save.

- Famepilot Internet Private Ltd.

After selecting the location, Scroll down and add the Swiggy Id in the Restaurant Id’s Setup section and Save.

It’s done! You’re all set to upload the Swiggy Reviews file in the panel.
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