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Restaurant marketing is Complex. It’s driven by apparently endless marketing channels, ideas and strategies. And after that, there are offline media – Radio, Television, Billboard Ads and Wi-Fi showcasing. There’s certainly a part going on, and showcasing experts are continually beneath the weapon to keep their promoting expenses at least.
Within the middle of this marketing mayhem, there’s one frequently undervalued channel that can give an immense blast for your money, and restaurateurs may not be utilizing its full advantage -Customer Reviews & Rating Websites. Customer Reviews and Customer Surveys can make or break your restaurant business.

Why is Customer Reviews Important?

More and more buyers are turning to the web to assist them in locating eating options. Leading Reviews Websites like Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp and Zomato, etc. get millions upon millions of guests every single day, and these destinations can be one of your restaurant most capable and generally affordable marketing commodities. Positive reviews are an incredible thing, whereas negative client reviews are to some degree of a horrifying thing. The more positive customer experience stories you have, the more customers will believe that they will have a pleasurable encounter at your restaurant. But a truth came from research that has been done around the Industry-leading Reviews Websites and the potential effects that restaurant ratings have on your overall bottom line.

Positive Customer Reviews Helps In Increasing Foot Fall

A study done by Michael Anderson and Jeremy Magruder (professors at the University of California, Berkeley) concluded that positive reviews have a direct relationship to increases in footfall during peak times. They found that a 0.5-star rating increase resulted in a 30%-40% increase in the number of 7 pm bookings.

Based on this study, Online reviews websites may not create inferable budgetary returns, they play a vital role in the restaurant victory, driving more footfalls and by and more revenue. At your restaurant lunch or supper crest time, think approximately what a 30%-40% increase in reservations would see like at your eatery.

Positive Customer Ratings = Increasing In Revenue

- Famepilot Internet Private Ltd.

Another study conducted by Professor Michael Luca (Harvard Business School) sought a relationship between Online Customer Review Ratings and Actual Revenue.

They found that an increase of 1 star in customer ratings drives an increment of 5% to 9% in the restaurant revenue.  In the study, Luca also found that the number of star ratings of restaurants played a significant role in the customers buying decision. So that, guests were regularly overpowered by the number of composed audits.

Why does every restaurant should care about customer reviews?

There are numerous more studies about the impacts of positive customer ratings and reviews. In 2017, collected information and data regarding the impact of Positive and Negative Customer Reviews. As you studied through the statics below, think around current footfall activity and income at your restaurant to further realize how critical and beneficial positive customer reviews can be.

Among the information, here are a few facts they found:

- Famepilot Internet Private Ltd.
- Famepilot Internet Private Ltd.
- Famepilot Internet Private Ltd.

It is obvious to see that getting more customer reviews is a key, to increase your restaurant revenue, developing a customer base and cost-cutting of expenses.

Therefore, you should care to be doing everything in making strides in your customer reviews across all the major review sites.

There might always be some occasionally negative reviews which are fair to the nature of the web. Always remember to deal with negative customer reviews properly. So, It can have a positive effect on your business and to the person who will be reading it.

How do restaurants can generate authentic customer reviews?

There are various ways to generate authentic customer reviews for restaurants. Some of them provided by the Industry-leading Reviews sites like- Google My Business free Marketing kit and travellers favourite TripAdvisor provides Review Express and so on. 

While there is an automated solution for the review generation of all types of reviews sites –Famepilot. With Famepilot, you can manage all kind of reviews sites from one dashboard. You can Monitor, Reply and Generate reviews on all the reviews sites from the single platform. It is the most affordable and efficient solution available in the market. 


If you ought to consistently supply your best quality services, fabulous food and drinks, and the most excellent environment conceivable to your customers’ then you should never miss this opportunity of asking for feedback from your Customers. It will transform your Restaurant Listings on the Reviews Websites into a Revenue Machine, Boost UGC (User Generated Content) and having a reviews management tool to manage reviews can be one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal.

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